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Name: UPS (Uninterruptible power supply)

What does it do? This device is a big battery, it’s use is keeping a clean power supply to the server, it acts as a breaking point if there is a power spike and a reserve power supply if there is a power cut


  • Battery level (normally green lights or percentage on display) We’d like this to be 100%
  • Usage level (normally green lights or percentage on display) Dependant on how much time you’d like to keep going, the lower the use, the longer you’ll get0
  • *WARNING READ ALL BEFORE DOING ANYTHING* Test UPS Pressing the test button turns off the regular power supply and fails over to the UPS batteries, if those batteries have issues it may be the equivalent of pulling the power cords out of your servers. Only do this if you understand the dangers and have mitigation in place

Name: Server/SAN (Storage Area Network)/NAS (Network Attached Storage)

What does it do? Servers generally run all of your production machines, this might include file servers, SQL databases, E-mail or anything that is shared between all users.

SAN/NAS are very similar, they hold data either live data that is used by the servers or alternatively backups


  • Power supply, you should have two of these on a server, two on a SAN, one or two on a NAS Green Lights are good, Amber/Red not so good, you’ve either got a power supply out or one not plugged in
  • Hard-Drives Normally lights will be flashing quickly green, if they are flashing slowly, Amber/Red/Off you may have issues depending on how the device has been setup
  • Network Cards Should be flashing quickly green if they are Amber/Red/Off you may have issues depending on how the device has been setup
  • LED Display This should read OK or something similar, any errors will need addressing

Name: Switch

What does it do? This device is like a switchboard for your business, it connects all your network together and to the internet


  • Switch Expect to see many green lights blinking, if you see all the lights flashing at the same time in sync you may have issues. All lights off means no power or broken

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