Packages & Pricing

Simple Pricing – Comprehensive Service

IT support, network support, IT project services, and security services at a fraction of the cost of in-house IT managers.

If you’re a business looking to outsource your IT, here’s a little of what we offer-  

  • Talk to an experienced engineer in less than 20 seconds
  • Streamline operations for easier day-to-day running
  • Protect and secure your business and data from hackers

We also offer additional support to existing IT managers and teams – Get in touch to find out more.

We like to keep things really simple, and pricing is no different. Our Complete Support bundle is everything a standard small business owner needs to stay safe, protected and running smoothly.

If you’re dealing with sensitive data or financial transactions, we recommend adding our Advanced Security bolt-on, giving you enterprise-grade security at a small business price.

Complete Support

£34.95 per Member of Staff per month

Say goodbye to tech disruptions. With our comprehensive support, you can focus on growth and leave the tech worries to us.

  • Enhanced Security: Continuous updates to shield against the latest threats.
  • Effortless Data Protection: Peace of mind with Microsoft 365 backups.
  • Proactive Antivirus Management: Vigilant monitoring for peace of mind.
  • Inbound Email Filtering: Stopping viruses and marking spam before it hits your team
  • Dedicated Support with a Personal Touch: Our friendly tech team takes ownership of issues, with emergency assistance available outside regular hours.

Advanced Security Bolt-On

+£17.95 per Member of Staff per month

Say goodbye to sleepless nights; our security team will watch over your systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. On top of this, we’ll provide best-in-class security services against E-mail and even include a password manager!

  • EDR/MDR Endpoint Detection and Response/Managed Detection and Response – 24/7 Automated monitoring of every PC and laptop with automated remediation of issues found
  • SOC Security Operations Centre – A 24/7 dedicated security team, proactively threat hunting and responding to issues
  • Efficient Password Management: Streamline password processes without compromising security.
  • Microsoft 365 Fortification: Extra layer of defense against potential breaches.
  • Enhanced Email Filtering – A physical layer between the bad guys and you, providing robust mail filtering both in and out
  • Mobile Device Management – Secure your mobile phones as well as your staff

Why Use Us? 

You don’t need to settle for mediocre IT support. Your business shouldn’t suffer because the IT department doesn’t think your issue is a priority, or they only react to problems instead of preventing them. 

We’re on a mission to do better. 

Picked out best-in-class products that a small business needs to keep them secure, productive, and ultimately to help grow the business. 

To be proactive in identifying those little snags that are just waiting to cause trouble and spot future requirements that will keep your business running as smoothly and easily as possible. 

IT is so much more than keeping computers and Wi-Fi working. We work alongside you as a fully integrated partner, allowing you to get on with growing the business without interruptions, knowing you’re safe and secure and can scale more easily with the right tech and support.