How your passwords can be stolen without you even knowing it

How can your password be stolen without you even knowing it and how can you set a secure password to make it as hard as possible for anyone to get hold of it ?

Let us take you back to one of the most notorious breaches when a site called Rock You which was a website developer, was breached in 2009.

They stored all their passwords in clear text, so 32 million user details were leaked.  As a result, they were fined approx. $250,000.

What was found, is that a lot of those passwords were the same and included passwords like baby girl, monkey, princess1234567, Nicole….

From the 32 million, a text file was created with 40 million of those common passwords in it and so whenever someone tried to crack a password, they would use this text file with 40 million known passwords.

So how do they crack a password ? If a site uses weak encryption, it will take the password and put it through a known encryption method and it will come out with a load of jumble including hashtags, questions marks and other symbols.

What a hacker will do, is take the known list of words such as ‘princess’ and will put it through the same encryption and they too will come out with a jumbled version. They will then compare their jumbled version with the website. If 2 versions of the password match, they know they have cracked the password.

What they can also do is change vowels to numbers. For example, they might change a password like princess to pr1ncess. They will also add numbers onto the end of words and will start to put 2 words together.

Remember that hackers have very powerful computers and often have what we call ‘botnets’, so that they can go through a huge amount of passwords and test what matches those they got from the data base.

This is why, it is extremely important to have a really clever and strong password that isn’t going to be breached easily. If you are interested, we have a service where we can run a search against your domain to look for passwords that have already been leaked onto the dark web. If passwords have been leaked, then now is the time to change them.

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