The time to act on GDPR is now. Download the guide.

The time to act on GDPR is now. Is your business following the guidelines? Download our quick guide to check.

Not complying with GDPR could result in some very serious consequences including fines up to £20 million. At Affirm IT we’re specialists in IT security and GDPR compliance. Download our quick overview of GDPR to make sure you’re compliant.

What the guide covers:

  • A recap of GDPR.
  • What do you have to do?
  • What are the penalties?
  • Potential breaches and ensuring your staff are sticking to the rules.
  • What GDPR means for your business.

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Still not sure about GDPR compliance or would like to talk about it further? Speak to a member of the team. We’re experts in GDPR and making sure businesses can follow the guidelines without any extra stress or hassle.

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