I.T. Interruptions stopping you from working on your business?

Affirm I.T help businesses to plan, grow and thrive by giving you time back

Certifications & Accreditations

Flexible Support

Our IT services revolve you and your business needs whether you need complete or complimentary support or advice. Read more >>

Security & GDPR Compliance

We put in place strategies and processes to protect your digital assets with direct 24/7 support to give you peace of mind. Read more >>

Your Dedicated I.T. Hub

We work with your other vendors to provide a central IT service to make managing your systems easy and efficient. Read more >>


I.T. Support

Technology doesn’t always work the way we want it to so we’re here to make sure everything runs smoothly for complete peace of mind.


Network Security Specialists

We’re experts in cyber security and can help protect your business from potentially expensive attacks.

Effective I.T. services that drive your business forward

We believe in providing an I.T. support service that helps drive your business forward rather than bog you down. Effective I.T. support can help make your business more efficient, saving time and money.

Proactive Monitoring

We make sure all your systems are running smoothly, stopping and preventing problems before they affect you and your business.

24/7 365 Support

Your computer and I.T. systems will run all the time throughout the year and so do we.

Unlimited Remote Support

Get your I.T. issues sorted ASAP and as often as required with our remote support.

Always Speak to an Engineer

You’ll always be able to speak directly to our trained engineers to help with all your needs.

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What our customers say…

“I have worked with Affirm IT Services over the last six months on a very complicated project at a Pet Foods manufacturer and the team have bent over backwards to ensure the infrastructure element of the plan was a success. In fact they enabled the client to upgrade their systems to a level that far exceeded their old systems and vastly increased their overall abilities in terms of their efficiency and business capabilities. I’ve got no problem in recommending Affirm IT Services.”

Marlborough Management Group

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